How much is tension-free hernia repair?

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My grandfather grew a big bag in the groin. We don't know what caused it. After going to the hospital for examination, the doctor said it was tension-free hernia and needed to be repaired. So today I'll introduce how much the tension-free hernia repair costs.

How much is tension-free hernia repair?

First: before the invention of tension-free hernia repair, hernia surgery in the world's medical community was mainly suture, in short, it was to pull the defect parts together and sew them up. This kind of operation has a history of more than 100 years, and we call it traditional hernia repair. It has played an important role in the treatment of hernia.

Second: but in more than 100 years of medical practice, people found that this kind of operation has many disadvantages. One is pain, because the operation to the defect around the muscle forced to sew up, so intraoperative, postoperative pain. Some patients can't even straighten up after operation; In addition, this kind of suture operation has a long recovery time after operation. It needs to stay in bed for three days after operation, and it takes at least three weeks to be hospitalized. This kind of operation also has a bigger disadvantage: the recurrence rate is high (10-15%).

Third: especially in some elderly people, because of old age and body failure, after a period of time, such as increased abdominal pressure, such as defecation, coughing, lifting heavy things, etc., the suture site can not withstand such pressure, and the suture site cracks and relapses. The cost ranges from several thousand yuan to nearly 20000 yuan. Please decide according to your own situation and the technical level of the operation hospital.

matters needing attention

The above is the price of tension-free hernia repair that we will introduce today, but this is only a general figure. If we use a better surgical method, the price will be a little more expensive. Choose according to your actual situation.