How does tooth decay tooth yellow do

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Some time ago, I went to fill my sixth age tooth. It's a big cavity, and my teeth are very yellow. The following is my experience to share with you, how to do tooth decay yellow.

How does tooth decay tooth yellow do

First: yellow teeth, you can chew peanuts in your mouth, and brush your teeth for three minutes, very effective.

Second: yellow teeth, some genetic or growth problems, some acquired.

Third: oral diseases, as long as early treatment can be solved.

matters needing attention

We should pay attention to children's eating habits, increase all kinds of complementary foods on time, and eat more coarse, hard and fibrous foods, which can clean teeth and reduce the accumulation of food debris. Hard food needs to be chewed fully, which can not only strengthen the periodontal tissue, but also rub the bite surface of teeth, which may make the pit and fissure shallower and reduce the pit and fissure caries.