What does cervical degenerative mean?

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Cervical degenerative degeneration refers to the degeneration of cervical structure and function. The main causes of cervical degenerative disease are the increase of age, overuse and the decrease of repair ability. Cervical degeneration itself is not a disease, sometimes even the adaptation of the body to the environment; What does cervical degenerative mean? Let's talk about it

What does cervical degenerative mean?

Osteophyte, commonly known as spur, is easy to appear in the anterior and posterior edge of the upper and lower ends of the vertebral body and around the nerve channel. The formation of osteophyte is usually considered to be due to the reduction of height after intervertebral disc degeneration and the expansion of fibrous ring, which makes the surrounding ligaments under tension to stretch periosteum and stimulate the formation of new bone; The reduction of intervertebral disc height also resulted in the relaxation of anterior and posterior longitudinal ligaments,

The stability of vertebral body is decreased, which increases the abnormal activity between vertebral bodies, so it is easy to have repeated and small trauma. After trauma hemorrhage, the hematoma goes through the process of ossification and ossification, that is, osteophyte is formed here. After osteophyte formation, the movement of vertebral bodies is hindered mechanically, and even the intervertebral movement is completely lost due to the connection of adjacent vertebral bodies,

In addition to the intervertebral disc, there are facet joints, uncinate joints and longitudinal ligaments on both sides of the cervical spine. When the intervertebral instability occurs, the load of these structures increases, excessive activity occurs, bone hyperplasia of joints is easy to occur, the joint space becomes narrow, and the osteophyte at the nerve channel can cause nerve entrapment; The ligaments were hypertrophic, calcified or ossified, especially the posterior longitudinal ligament and ligamentum flavum,

matters needing attention

Avoid long-time head down or desk work, generally 40-60 minutes should stand up for 10 minutes, in order to avoid cervical muscle strain make cervical stability device failure, cervical disc overload affect its metabolism and accelerate degeneration.