About the nursing measures of pain?

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Pain can be divided into head, neck, chest, abdomen, waist and lower limbs according to the location. The causes, symptoms and treatment of pain, as well as the treatment and nursing of trauma, burn, childbirth, cancer and postoperative pain are different. What are the specific nursing measures for pain?

About the nursing measures of pain?

To relieve the source of pain stimulation, such as the pain caused by trauma, hemostasis, bandaging, fixation and other measures should be taken according to the situation; After thoracoabdominal surgery, because cough and deep breathing cause wound pain, we should assist the patient to press the wound, and then encourage expectoration and deep breathing. ② Avoid irritant factors and keep the environment quiet and comfortable.

Pain relief is the main method to relieve pain. The routes of administration include oral administration, injection, external use and intraspinal administration. Analgesics are divided into two categories: non narcotic and narcotic. Non narcotic analgesics, such as aspirin, ibuprofen and analgesic tablets, have antipyretic and analgesic effects. They are used for moderate pain, such as toothache, arthralgia, headache, dysmenorrhea, etc. (most of these drugs are irritating to gastric mucosa and should be taken after meals). Narcotic analgesics, such as morphine and pethidine, have good analgesic effect on uncontrollable pain, but have side effects of addiction and respiratory depression. The curative effect was observed.

Psychological nursing (1) respect and accept the patient's response to pain, and establish a good nurse patient relationship. Nurses can't judge patients' feelings by their own experience( 2) Explaining the cause and mechanism of pain and introducing the measures to relieve pain are helpful to relieve patients' anxiety, fear and other negative emotions, so as to relieve pain pressure( 3) Through participating in interesting activities, reading newspapers, listening to music, talking with family members, deep breathing, relaxing massage and other methods to distract patients' attention from pain and relieve pain( 4) As far as possible to meet the patient's need for comfort, such as help change position, reduce pressure; Do a good job in cleaning and health care; Keep the indoor environment comfortable.

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Through the above introduction, we should now make clear the nursing measures and methods of pain. In life, if you have such a disease around you and need to take care of them, we will use these correct methods to take care of them, help them reduce the pain and have a better effect on the recovery of the body.