Is the harm of cervical hypertrophy very serious

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Vulvar hypertrophy is a problem for many years, since the birth of the old and young, there is often irregular menstruation, every menstruation is like 10 days, menstruation is more, check that the cervix is other people's normal cervix twice as big, cervical hypertrophy, with some doctors prescribed medicine after the body recovered some, do you have cervical hypertrophy harm is very serious, this experience? Share with me the serious harm of cervical hypertrophy.

Is the harm of cervical hypertrophy very serious

Harm 1: serious impact on normal life: Patients with severe cervical hypertrophy often have bloody leucorrhea, bleeding after sex, frequent urination, urgency and pain of urination and other symptoms of bladder irritation. Cervical diseases seriously affect women's daily life; When the inflammatory lesions spread to the pelvic cavity along the uterosacral ligament, there may be lumbosacral pain, lower abdominal distension, dysmenorrhea and other discomfort, which is aggravated during defecation and sexual life.

Harm two: the harm of cervical hypertrophy will also lead to female infertility: there are many cases of infertility caused by cervical hypertrophy. Simple cervical hypertrophy will not affect pregnancy, but severe cervicitis can cause endometritis, oviduct oophoritis, tubal adhesion obstruction, leading to infertility.

Harm three: affect normal delivery: serious cervical hypertrophy can affect the normal delivery of women. Therefore, in preparation for pregnancy should be treated before cervical hypertrophy. If cervical hypertrophy is serious during pregnancy, it should be treated. If the symptoms are mild, it can be observed. These are the hazards of cervical hypertrophy that will seriously affect patients.

matters needing attention

We must carry out synchronous "treatment" for daily necessities. Patients' towels and underwear will also be infected with pathogens. If they are not treated simultaneously, the treatment results will be wasted. Therefore, the towel and underwear should be fully disinfected: boil for 15 minutes, and put in the sun to dry, usually should also be placed in a ventilated, dry place.