When to treat vitiligo in children

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My son is deeply injured by vitiligo patients, because this disease is more difficult to treat, we need to have a certain understanding of the disease, found timely treatment. Now let's see when the treatment of vitiligo is good for children.

When to treat vitiligo in children

Treatment one: general early treatment, the effect of small area will be better. It can be used for oral administration of Shancun, external use of Qubai tincture, Halometasone, tacrolimus ointment, combined with 308 excimer light therapy, and even epidermal transplantation. The treatment plan generally persisted for three months, no effect, and could be adjusted.

Treatment 2: Patients with vitiligo in life to a reasonable diet. Vitiligo patients should pay great attention to diet, patients in the diet, to stay away from greasy spicy food, avoid excessive intake of vitamin C, do not eat or eat less food rich in vitamin C, which is conducive to the treatment of vitiligo.

Treatment 3: the disease is different, the treatment method is also different, patients should first consult or go to a professional hospital to find the right etiology and symptomatic treatment. This is the right treatment. Vitiligo patients can eat bananas, pears and watermelon, apples. Eat more copper rich foods: such as nuts, peanuts, chestnuts, black sesame, walnuts, etc.

matters needing attention

Patients with vitiligo should believe the doctor, must cooperate with the doctor's treatment, don't give up the treatment because they feel that there is no effect in a short period of time, we should know that the treatment of vitiligo is a long-term process, must not act too hastily.