What symptom is red blood cell to have blood

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I feel dizzy these days. It seems that I have no energy all over my body and no spirit to do things. So I went to the hospital for a physical examination. When I got the examination report, it showed that the red blood cells were on the high side. I didn't understand this. Today, let me talk to you about the causes of polycythemia.

What symptom is red blood cell to have blood

First, the decrease of plasma volume makes the relative increase of red blood cell volume, which can be seen in vomiting, diarrhea, sweating, extensive burns, diabetes insipidus, adrenocortical hypofunction, thyroid crisis, diabetic ketoacidosis, etc.

Second: physiological increase: the red blood cells and hemoglobin of residents living in plateau areas are often higher than those living in plain areas. Too little water or too much perspiration can lead to temporary blood concentration and slight increase of blood cells and hemoglobin.

Third: pathological increase: severe vomiting, diarrhea, sweating, large area burn patients, diabetes insipidus, hyperthyroidism, diabetic acidosis, etc. due to excessive water loss in plasma, blood concentration will occur, and the amount of red blood cells and hemoglobin will increase significantly.

matters needing attention

Simple red blood cells are on the high side, most of which have little clinical significance. It may be that the blood concentration is caused by too little drinking water. As long as there are no other uncomfortable symptoms, there is no need to treat them. At ordinary times, pay attention to drinking more water and eating more vegetables and fruits.