Hepatitis B big three Yang infection

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Hepatitis B big three Yang is a common liver disease, and hepatitis B is infectious, so hepatitis B big three Yang will be infectious? Here is to introduce to you hepatitis B big three Yang will not be infected.

Hepatitis B big three Yang infection

First: hepatitis B big three yang on behalf of the patient's body has hepatitis B virus, so generally will be infectious. This is because there is hepatitis B virus in the patient's body, the virus will continue to replicate, although the patient's liver function is normal, but also temporary, or infectious. And the infectivity of patients needs to be determined by the results of HBV-DNA examination.

Got hepatitis B big three after Yang, even if the liver function is normal, may also be infectious. Although some patients with normal liver function, can only simply reflect the patient's condition, and can not accurately judge the infectious size of hepatitis B patients with big three positive. At this time, no matter whether the patient has symptoms or not, we should pay attention to do a comprehensive examination, understand their own condition, and then make a correct judgment to develop a suitable treatment plan.

Hepatitis B virus mainly depends on close contact, mother to child transmission, etc., so as long as patients with hepatitis B have these behaviors, then it may be infected.

matters needing attention

Life should pay attention to personal hygiene, do not share tableware, and hepatitis B patients do not have close contact, if the mother has hepatitis B big three yang, try to wait for the disease cured in pregnancy, so as not to infect the baby.