How does spot of right cheek grow to do

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I think it may be because of the irregular living habits recently. I spent too much time staying up late at night, which led to some spots growing on my right cheek. At the beginning, it was a little bit, and then it became more. So I went to the hospital for examination. The following is how to do with the long spots on my right cheek.

How does spot of right cheek grow to do

First: do a good job in sunscreen. Strengthening sunscreen is the first step to fade and remove color spots. The damage of ultraviolet band to human skin tissue is sometimes irreversible. Even in autumn and winter, we can't ignore the power of sunlight. Therefore, to apply sunscreen every day, when the sun is strong, a sunglasses and sunshade hat is absolutely indispensable, in addition, the arm, neck sunscreen also need to follow up.

Second: do a good job in cleaning and removing makeup. Many women with long-term makeup have the problems of dark, long spots and no luster on their faces. That's because they don't do a good job in cleaning and removing makeup. The minerals and metal components in cosmetics enter the skin and deposit. Therefore, if you want to remove freckles, you must do a good job in daily cleaning and removing makeup to ensure that the skin can breathe clean at night. It's worth noting Yes, it's best to distinguish eye, lip and face makeup remover.

Third: a cup of lemonade every day. Lemonade is rich in vitamin C, which is a magic weapon for whitening light spots. Drinking a cup of 250ml lemonade every morning can not only keep the intestines and stomach normal, but also eliminate the stool. It can also whiten the skin and promote the metabolism. It is suitable for friends with long spots on the face.

matters needing attention

For patients with spotting, we must first find out what is the cause of their own spotting. We can make the most correct judgment according to the situation only after we know the cause, which can make the patients recover as soon as possible.