What symptom does adnexitis have

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In life, women always have this or that kind of problems. I used to be healthy. But since I lived with my boyfriend, I found that I had more and more gynecological diseases. Recently, I found that my body was even worse. I felt special pain when I came to menstruation, and sometimes I couldn't get down to the ground, Later, there was a fever, and the fever did not subside all the time. The menstruation of these two or three months was also abnormal, sometimes more and sometimes less. I didn't know what disease I had. I checked some information and said that it was adnexitis, whether I had adnexitis or not. Let's take a look at the following.

What symptom does adnexitis have

First: as far as your own performance is concerned, you may have acute adnexitis. The first manifestation of adnexitis is fever. High fever occurs at the time of onset. There may be chills or chills at 39-40 ℃. Then the body temperature presents irregular flaccid fever. If the inflammatory lesions are isolated due to adhesion, the body temperature can drop quickly.

Second: once women get adnexitis, abdominal pain and abdominal drop are the most obvious symptoms, once they get adnexitis, they will feel their waist is particularly tired, have a feeling of menstruation, feel uncomfortable all over, and feel their small abdomen drop at the same time.

Third: simply depending on the symptoms can not be diagnosed as adnexitis, patients can go to the hospital to do a related examination, in the gynecological examination of blood routine examination will appear white blood cells increased, the proportion of neutrophils increased significantly, that means that it must have acute adnexitis, need to be treated quickly.

matters needing attention

Adnexitis is a serious gynecological disease. Once patients have symptoms of adnexitis, they need to go to the hospital for physical examination as soon as possible. Once diagnosed, they need to be treated quickly, because if they don't treat adnexitis in time, they will have a lot of adverse complications.