What does kidney tumour eat good

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Kidney tumor is one of the most common tumors in the human urinary system. After surgery, the body is very weak. We need to supplement nutrition to take care of the body. Now let's take a look at the diet after renal tumor surgery, to understand what is good for renal tumor.

What does kidney tumour eat good

First, stewed hen with mushroom and Cordyceps sinensis: Ingredients: mushroom, Cordyceps sinensis, a hen without laying. Methods: remove the pedicel of Lentinus edodes, chicken feather, head, foot and viscera, take Lentinus edodes and Cordyceps sinensis, sew the mouth with bamboo stick, add water and simmer for two hours, then take it with seasoning, which can be taken in two or three times.

Second, diet should pay attention to low salt diet, eating light and digestible food. Those with severe edema and hypertension should avoid salt, limit the intake of protein food and drink less water. Patients without edema were not limited to salt. People with microscopic hematuria and those who are suitable for fire should drink more water and eat more yin reducing food such as apple, sugar, black sesame and Auricularia auricula.

Third, soft shelled turtle, pig's feet and ginseng soup: Ingredients: soft shelled turtle, pig's feet and ginseng. Methods: first, scald the turtle with boiling water to make it excrete all urine, cut off the head and claws, remove the internal organs, wash and cut into pieces with the pig's hoof. Add appropriate amount of water, simmer and take it in batches.

matters needing attention

Avoid moldy, spicy food, fried, coriander, dog meat and all hair. Avoid: spicy food, fried food, crab, garlic, scallion, coriander, dog meat, wine, beef, mutton, coffee, spiced seasoning and all hair.