What symptom does syphilis lower body have female picture?

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Syphilis is a highly infectious infectious disease, which is a very common disease in our life, and also a disease that plagues many people. This is mainly due to sexual contact as the main way of transmission. Generally 95% of people are sexually transmitted. The early infection of syphilis is the strongest. With the development of syphilis, the infectivity will decrease, so dirty sex life must be avoided. What are the symptoms of syphilis in the lower body? I'd like to share my views with you.

What symptom does syphilis lower body have female picture?

First: a syphilis, the most obvious performance of patients is hard chancre, which good development around the genitals, male hair in the glans, prepuce, urethral orifice, female hair in the labia, anus, cervical position, when these symptoms appear early to the hospital for examination and treatment.

Second: secondary syphilis, this stage of patients are generally characterized by a toxic rash, the patient's body will have a rash, generally this situation will appear after the disappearance of primary syphilis, so it is recommended that the treatment effect of this stage is good, do not miss the time.

Third: at this time, the poison rash will develop in all parts of the body, and even some parts of the body will show signs of ulceration. Generally, it is in the late stage at this time. The appearance of poison rash will also appear in the viscera, which will lead to perforation and other problems, and even severe patients will have meningitis, dementia and so on.

matters needing attention

It emphasizes early diagnosis, early treatment, regular course of treatment and sufficient dosage. Clinical and laboratory follow-up were conducted regularly after treatment. Sexual partners should be investigated and treated together. Early syphilis after thorough treatment can be clinically cured, eliminate infectious. The treatment of advanced syphilis can eliminate the inflammation in the tissue, but the damaged tissue is difficult to repair.