Is Yang Dianfeng cured well

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It's said that epilepsy is not easy to cure. Many people around have been treating and taking medicine since they got this disease. They don't really know if they can be cured completely. Now let's talk about whether epilepsy can be cured.

Is Yang Dianfeng cured well

First: early diagnosis of epilepsy, as long as the formal system of scientific treatment, 75-80% of the seizures can be completely controlled, of which 60-70% after 2-5 years of treatment, seizures completely controlled, EEG returned to normal can slowly reduce or even stop the drug, 50% after regular drug treatment life-long no seizures, and the earlier the treatment, the higher the probability of cure.

Second: due to the side effects of Western medicine, especially the liver and kidney damage, easy to produce drug dependence, drug resistance, and long-term use may cause mental disorders, so long-term use is not recommended, generally can be used to control the acute phase.

Third: as the treatment of epilepsy is a long-term process, traditional Chinese medicine can be used, with mild properties, small side effects and no damage to the body. It can also regulate the function of abdominal organs, regulate the body damage caused by taking western medicine, and the treatment varies from person to person, personalized treatment, easy to be accepted by patients who are afraid of low drug safety.

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According to the above, we can know that epilepsy is also likely to be cured. It is better for patients to find their condition in time in the early stage of epilepsy, and then go to the hospital as soon as possible. In this way, the probability of cure will be higher.