How is natural abortion stomachache to return a responsibility

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My menstruation has always been very punctual, but this month's menstruation has passed more than 10 days, with the test paper test positive, it is estimated that I have been pregnant, but I do not want to have children, want to do abortion, today let me and you learn how spontaneous abortion stomachache is going on.

How is natural abortion stomachache to return a responsibility

First of all, may cause infection, especially to some small clinic abortion, very easy to infection, mainly because in the abortion operation, surgical equipment disinfection is not strict, in the operation of bacteria into the female friend's body, leading to acute endometritis and pelvic inflammatory disease and other gynecological inflammation.

Secondly, menstrual disorders, many female friends do abortion surgery, menstruation will appear some problems, some will appear menstrual disorders, menstrual disorders are mainly manifested in the amount of menstruation and menstruation time is too long, or the menstrual cycle is different, and female if there is menstrual disorders, will also lead to the emergence of some other diseases, so one We must pay attention.

Finally, there will be the problem of incomplete abortion, some abortion surgery will appear incomplete abortion, such a situation is mainly in abortion surgery, part of the placenta tissue in the uterus, in order to avoid this situation, it is best to do abortion in early pregnancy.

matters needing attention

Due to the abortion of the body has certain damage, loss of a certain amount of blood, plus the abortion process of psychological pressure and physical pain, so that the body after abortion is weak, some people will have anemia tendency. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to carry out proper nourishment, and the degree and duration of nourishment should depend on the constitution of the abortion and the amount of blood loss.