What does rectum cancer symptom have besides hematochezia

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It can be said that many people will suffer from rectal cancer. If you encounter it, you have to pay attention to it. Most of the early stages of rectal cancer are not found by people. Unless you go to the examination, you can be diagnosed. To the mid-term, patients will appear a series of symptoms, the following introduction.

What does rectum cancer symptom have besides hematochezia

First, the early stage of rectal cancer can be said to have no clue to detect. Unless it's someone who has a regular physical examination, it's likely to be diagnosed.

Second: to the mid-term of rectal cancer, there will be abdominal pain, stool bleeding, diarrhea and so on. If it's a small amount of blood, it's not easy to see with the naked eye.

Third: patients will feel anal pain, anal drop feeling. When the tumor invades the bladder, the next urethra may have frequent micturition, urgency, pain and dysuria.

matters needing attention

Stool will be more than before, constipation and diarrhea will appear, have the feeling of endless defecation. There will also be defecation or deformation, abdominal distension and other symptoms. It's just a symptom. There's a lot more.