What should menstruation come to eat

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What do women eat when they come to their great aunt? Aunt but every woman will come, every few days of the month, women's body will be relatively weak, if you eat disorderly, it will be very uncomfortable during the period of aunt, and may cause anemia, headache, so, what should women eat during the period of aunt? Let's introduce them one by one.

What should menstruation come to eat

Food should be rich in nutrition, easy to digest, and eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, so that nutrition can be fully protected.

Banana contains vitamin B6. You can eat more bananas during your aunt's visit. It plays a role in calming nerves. It's very useful for those women with unstable emotions.

Affected by the great aunt, women will be very depressed during menstruation, which is mainly affected by the endocrine, so you can eat more fish to alleviate these conditions.

matters needing attention

Menstruation period must remember not to eat cold spicy food, and do not catch a cold, to ensure that their physical condition in the best time, so that aunt will not be so uncomfortable.