How much does it cost to go to the hospital to treat premature ejaculation

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My wife and I just got married for a short time. Because we didn't have any sexual experience, I had premature ejaculation when we had sex. Later, it was always like this. Because we had no confidence in ourselves for a long time, I also had impotence. Today, let me learn how much it costs to treat premature ejaculation in hospital.

How much does it cost to go to the hospital to treat premature ejaculation

Cost reference 1: Men's treatment of premature ejaculation, the cost is not the same, because everyone's situation is different, premature ejaculation patients generally great mental pressure, because after the erection of the penis, the penis has not entered the woman's vagina before ejaculation is premature ejaculation, or his penis is just into the vagina ejaculation, and some patients with premature ejaculation just entered the vagina But he ejaculated before the twitch.

Cost reference 2: the cost of treating premature ejaculation in different hospitals is also different. There is no certain standard for how much it costs to treat premature ejaculation, because it is closely related to the patient's condition. The money spent by patients with severe premature ejaculation must be more than that spent by people with mild condition, and it is closely related to the charging standard of each hospital.

Cost reference 3: impotence and premature ejaculation do not need to spend money, kidney also has a therapeutic effect, we know that dog meat can be aphrodisiac food, impotence and premature ejaculation patients need 250 grams of dog meat, and need 50 grams of black beans, and then cook soup, lotus pond meat, add appropriate salt.

matters needing attention

Generally speaking, the mood before sexual intercourse will affect the speed of ejaculation, therefore, before sexual intercourse, we should avoid being too excited, not too worried or nervous, but should have a good attitude.