How did cold do after medicine flow?

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Many women because of the fear of painless abortion, and choose to use medical abortion, medical abortion is a way to avoid the device into the patient's uterine cavity for operation, compared with before medical abortion, the patient's body resistance after medical abortion will drop a lot, if the patient's friends don't pay attention to increase or decrease clothes after medical abortion, it is easy to cause a cold. Today, I'd like to share with you what to do if you catch a cold after drug abortion

How did cold do after medicine flow?

First: Generally speaking, if you have a cold after drug abortion, you should immediately go to the hospital for relevant examination and treatment. According to the severity of the cold, choose to take medicine or take anti-inflammatory injection to cure the cold as soon as possible.

Second: eat more protein and vitamin rich food. In addition, after drug abortion, you must follow the doctor's advice and go to the hospital on time for B-ultrasound examination to confirm whether the abortion is complete

Third: keep warm, rest more at home, keep indoor air fresh, drink more water, take cold medicine and antiviral drugs.

matters needing attention

Drug abortion has limitations and side effects. We should pay attention to the details of daily life after drug abortion. If it is careless, it may cause adverse effects on the body. In order to prevent the occurrence of fever after drug abortion, pregnant women must have drug abortion under the supervision and guidance of doctors in qualified hospitals. Pregnant women should not take medicine at home without permission, otherwise the consequences will be unimaginable.