Can uterine myoma eat beef

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Can myoma of uterus eat beef? At present, hysteromyoma is indeed a common female disease, and the incidence of more and more people. It is said that suffering from uterine fibroids can not eat beef, because beef will promote uterine fibroids increase. In fact, this statement is not correct. Now I would like to introduce the diet of uterine fibroids.

Can uterine myoma eat beef

Beef has the functions of Tonifying the middle Qi, nourishing the spleen and stomach, strengthening muscles and bones, resolving phlegm and calming wind, relieving thirst and stopping salivation. It is suitable for people with middle qi depression, shortness of breath and body deficiency, weakness of muscles and bones, anemia, long illness and yellow and dizzy face. Suffering from uterine fibroids can eat beef, eat beef will not promote uterine fibroids increase. Once a week to eat beef can not eat too much, if the patient after surgery, beef and jujube stew can be used to help muscle growth and promote wound healing effect.

Try to eat less food related to animal reproductive system or food containing a lot of hormones (including processed and natural), including milk and its products, eggs, and animal meat fed with hormones.  

Diet should be light, eat less mutton, dog meat, shrimp, crab, eel, salted fish, black fish and other hair.

matters needing attention

1. Eat less longan, jujube, donkey hide gelatin, royal jelly and other hot, coagulation and hormone containing foods. 2, eat less food, such as peppers, pepper, raw onion, garlic, Baijiu and other stimulating foods and beverages.