What is the cause of female low back pain

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Because of low back pain, we female friends must pay attention to it, for female friends, a variety of gynecological diseases will directly cause low back pain, and the most common is pelvic inflammatory disease. Let's have a detailed understanding.

What is the cause of female low back pain

First: women with low back pain must be paid attention to, must not be limited to the position of the waist, must understand whether the emergence of gynecological diseases, when acute pelvic inflammatory disease occurs, will cause lower abdominal pain, muscle will obviously become too tense, cause high fever and headache, will also cause loss of appetite.

Second: chronic pelvic inflammatory disease will cause symptoms of the whole body, sometimes cause low fever symptoms, will also feel very tired, some patients due to the longer course of disease, will also cause symptoms of neurasthenia, patients will cause insomnia and depression symptoms, will also cause systemic discomfort.

Third: pelvic inflammatory disease will cause abdominal distension, patients will cause pain, lumbosacral will also appear obvious pain, after fatigue or after sexual intercourse, menstruation before and after will cause symptoms aggravation, ovarian function will also appear damage, leading to menstrual disorders.

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The above is to describe the symptoms of pelvic inflammatory disease, pelvic inflammatory disease in the end will cause low back pain, I believe you have a better understanding, pelvic inflammatory disease is a very serious disease, should seize the time for treatment.