After taking mole, how to leave red mark to do

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I have a lot of moles on my face. Every time I put on makeup, I use scratch marks. Listen to my friend say that I can take the mole with some liquid medicine now. I tried, but after taking the mole, I left a red mark on my face. The doctor asked me to apply some ointment at ordinary times. Next, I'll tell you what to do with the red mark after taking the mole?

After taking mole, how to leave red mark to do

First: vitamin E printing method, many people reflect the effect of good method is every night before going to bed, the transparent coat of vitamin E capsules punctured painted on the part of the imprint, a little massage, so adhere to two weeks, imprint will have obvious desalination. In the crude salt, remove the egg white, use a teaspoon of salt (preferably coarse salt) and stir with a protein. After evenly, add a little honey, stir it evenly, then apply it to the face. Avoid the eyes and corners of the mouth. After drying the mask, remove it with warm water, then clean it with warm water.

Second: red wine honey printing method, a small glass of red wine with 2 to 3 spoons of honey to viscous state, evenly apply on the face, eight minutes dry, and finally rinse with two times of warm water. Red wine, the new supersedes the old. The wine is a wine. The wine is acid. It is the fruit acid. It can promote the metabolism of the horny, fade the pigment, and make the skin white and smooth. Honey has the function of moisturizing and nourishing. People who are allergic to alcohol should pay attention to it.

Third: overnight tea printing method. Before going to bed at night, after cleaning the face, apply overnight tea water on the face and wash it off after proper massage. It can not only lighten the acne print, but also whiten the skin. To remove the pearl powder, wash the face and use mask paper to soak in the nutrient solution containing milk, honey, olive oil (a drop) and proper amount of pearl powder. Remove the mask and apply it for 20 minutes. Then wash the face, then apply the toner with pearl powder, beat dry, then apply the lotion.

matters needing attention

Many people will leave some red marks after taking moles. If the red marks are not obvious, they can apply cucumber slices to the red marks every day. Or you can use some medicine to remove the scar. In addition, for female patients, it is also better to apply some concealer to red prints at ordinary times.