What reason does breast bilge painful have

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Most people don't know about breast swelling and pain, but many people will encounter it in their life. Therefore, we need to know, and we don't know when to start. We will feel breast swelling and pain continuously, especially before menstruation. I was very afraid. Later, I went to see the doctor of breast surgery, and the doctor said that I had slight breast hyperplasia, But not all breast pain is breast hyperplasia, let's share some experience.

What reason does breast bilge painful have

First: breast pain is also divided into many cases, the first is "adolescent pain" adolescent girls breast pain, generally in 9-13 years old. Because the girl's breast begins to develop at this time, with slight swelling and pain. But after menarche, with the development of young breast mature will disappear, of course, my is not the case.

Second: many people have "premenstrual breast pain". More than half of women have breast fullness, hardness and tenderness before menstruation. This is caused by the increase of estrogen level in the body before menstruation, hyperplasia of mammary glands and edema of mammary gland tissue. After menstruation, the above changes can disappear.

Third: "swelling and pain during pregnancy" I also had it in those years. About 40 days after pregnancy, the placenta and villi secrete a lot of estrogen, progesterone and prolactin, which makes the mammary gland proliferate and enlarge, resulting in breast swelling and pain. The most serious cases can last for the whole pregnancy, and this does not need treatment.

matters needing attention

Postpartum pain, mothers should have experience it, in just after the production of lactation is not normal, often appear double breast fullness, induration, pain. But it will be OK after normal lactation.