What reason is female whole body skin pruritus?

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At ordinary times, we often encounter such problems, the body is not necessarily where, itchy skin, just can't stop. How to scratch also does not work, and even some female friends to scratch the skin bleeding, this is simply a big problem! At this time, many women realize the importance of seeking professional help. So, what is the cause of female skin itching? Now let's talk about it.

What reason is female whole body skin pruritus?

There are many causes of skin itching, which can be simply classified into four categories: skin inflammation, dryness, infection, or itching caused by internal diseases. The most common reason is because of skin allergy, caused by itching. Such as children's atopic dermatitis, often cause skin extreme itching, and even cause sleep, eat not good allergic children; Seborrheic dermatitis often causes itching on the scalp and face of older patients; Housewives' rich hands, coin eczema, lichen planus, drug allergy, urticaria and so on are all caused by skin inflammation.

With the growth of age, sebaceous glands will gradually degenerate, which often makes the skin moisturizing ability of the middle-aged and old people worse than before. In mild cases, the skin is dry and desquamated, in severe cases, even chapped and bleeding, especially in the lower limbs. Dry, itself will cause itching discomfort, because the winter climate is cold, more common so-called dry caused by winter itching. This kind of itch caused by dry split should avoid using too hot water to bathe and use moisturizing lotion to improve symptoms.

Clinically, pruritus belongs to neuropsychiatric dermatosis, which is a kind of skin neurosis. Traditional Chinese medicine calls it "itching wind". The most common skin pruritus is generally caused by dry skin. You can take cod liver oil pills, multivitamin tablets, etc. the use of Western medicine must be diagnosed and guided by professional doctors. You can't blindly use drugs by yourself, especially those containing hormones.

matters needing attention

But also to ensure that life is regular, early to bed, early to rise, appropriate exercise. Change clothes in time to avoid hot and cold stimulation. Patients with systemic pruritus should pay attention to reduce the number of baths, do not wash the skin excessively, do not use alkaline soap. Underwear should be made of cotton, loose and comfortable, avoiding friction. Relax, avoid anger, worry and build confidence. Actively look for the cause of disease and remove the inducing factors. Quit smoking alcohol, strong tea, coffee and all spicy food, and moderately supplement fat in diet.