Treatment of herpes zoster

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Two years ago, I found out that I had herpes zoster. The doctor said it's OK. I don't need treatment. I'm a little worried. Now I'm pregnant. After finding out this problem, the doctor treated me in time. Now my condition is getting better. Let me share the treatment of herpes zoster with you today.

Treatment of herpes zoster

Method 1: general therapy. This treatment is mainly to keep the local clean, dry and blister wall intact. It can be washed with isotonic normal saline every day, and pain patients can take oral analgesics to give mental comfort. Patients complicated with bacterial infection can use antibiotic ointment externally. If local pain is obvious, 5% lidocaine hydrochloride ointment or oral analgesics can be used.

Method 2: antiviral drugs. Nowadays, acyclovir is considered to be the most effective anti HSV drug in the current market. In severe cases, the drug can be given intravenously at a dose of 5mg / kg body weight, once every 8 hours, for 5-7 days. General patients can take 200mg orally, 4-5 times a day for 7-10 days. Severe cases can be intravenous drip, topical acyclovir ointment rub the affected area.

Method 3: pathogen therapy. With the development of medical technology, pathogen therapy is also a commonly used treatment method, which can selectively inhibit virus replication, reduce the occurrence of new damage, relieve pain, shorten wound healing and detoxification time.

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How to prevent genital herpes diseases is a problem that everyone of us should pay attention to. Because everyone may have genital herpes, so serious and active prevention can greatly reduce the incidence rate of genital herpes and reduce its harm to us for our own health.