How does 3 months infantile torticollis treat

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Three month old infants with torticollis is a more common situation, it seems not a serious disease, but not timely treatment is likely to lead to other more serious situation. Infant muscular torticollis may be due to the neck injury of the baby in the process of production or the bad fetal position in the stomach, leading to infant torticollis, which is not uncommon. As long as active treatment is given, it can be cured within one year.

How does 3 months infantile torticollis treat

First: the mother can try to make the baby's head slant as far as possible when feeding, and use some small towels to pad the baby's slant side when sleeping. The mother can try to sleep on the other side of the baby's slant, and use toys to tease the baby, so that the baby can get used to turning his head to the other side, so that the other side will grow up slowly.

Second: can go to a professional hospital to find a doctor to give the baby with a set of strength, so pay attention to the baby's neck fixed, do not let him tilt to the other side, help to recover.

Third: you can often massage the baby, let the baby lie on his back, the mother will hold up the baby's head with one hand, the other hand with fingers in the muscle contracture for massage, 10 ~ 15 minutes each time, three times a day.

matters needing attention

If the baby is not well corrected after one year old. The operation is about to take place. Baoma Ye doesn't have to worry too much. Most children can be cured.