What fruit does esophagus cancer eat best

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I did the operation of esophagus cancer a month ago, the operation is more successful, eat everyday is painful thing, esophagus can choke, ache, can have some residue, often can discover peculiar smell, go to the hospital to check what is esophagus cancer disease, the treatment is very fast, I feel much better, I come to talk about esophagus cancer to eat what fruit is best with everybody.

What fruit does esophagus cancer eat best

Diet 1: the diet of esophageal cancer, we should learn to choose vegetables: medicine and food have the same origin, some foods have the effect of food therapy and anti-cancer, can be targeted to choose the application. The food beneficial to digestive system tumor include leek, lily, Chinese cabbage, water shield, concanavalin, cabbage and so on. Food in daily life, such as garlic, green tea, bean products, are also good anticancer drugs.

Diet 2: early esophageal cancer diet recuperation: in diet, the main use of the gastrointestinal tract's maximum digestion and absorption capacity, as much as possible to supplement nutrients, in order to make the body strong. Eat more fresh food, supplement protein, vitamins, fat, etc.

Diet 3: the diet should be light, not partial to food, eat more foods containing a lot of vitamins, trace elements and cellulose, add new vegetables, seafood, mushrooms, fruits and so on.

matters needing attention

Esophageal cancer patients with this disease can be cured by surgery in the hospital, the treatment of esophageal cancer this disease, people can also treat this disease through chemotherapy, people can also take drug treatment