What symptom is cervical erosion?

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Cervical erosion is a common disease troubling female friends, which has a great impact on their lives, so we must know what the symptoms of cervical erosion are, so as to suit the medicine to the case. What symptom is cervical erosion? Let's talk about it.

What symptom is cervical erosion?

First, contact bleeding: is a common early symptom of cervical erosion, cervical erosion in about 70% - 80% of patients with vaginal bleeding phenomenon, when vaginal bleeding for no reason, we should pay attention to it, timely medical treatment.

Second, cervical erosion is a symptom of lumbosacral pain, dysmenorrhea: when the pathogen involved in a deeper range, can cause chronic periuterine connective tissue inflammation, lumbosacral pain, pelvic pain and dysmenorrhea.

Third, a symptom of cervical erosion is increased leucorrhea, viscous: suffering from cervical erosion, there will be increased leucorrhea, viscous symptoms, occasionally there may be purulent leucorrhea, bloody leucorrhea, leucorrhea odor, backache, abdominal pain and lower abdominal heavy falling feeling are often accompanied, sexual life may also cause contact bleeding.

matters needing attention

Pay attention to cervical erosion to do early detection and early treatment, so as not to affect the happy life of female friends, usually female friends should also pay attention to hygiene.