How to get rheumatism

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This kind of weather often changes, that is, the swelling and pain of the knee joint is serious. I don't know if the body doesn't get better because the proximal time is always like this. Cold and humidity are an important factor inducing rheumatoid arthritis. In order to prevent you from the same disease, let me introduce how to get rheumatism.

How to get rheumatism

Reason 1: people living or working in a cold environment for a long time will lead to the occurrence of rheumatism, which is a common cause of rheumatism in life. People often in the cold environment, will lead to cold evil into the body, for a long time under the limb cold, pain, ankylosis, limited activity and other phenomena will appear.

Reason 2: physical deficiency and cold is also an important inducement of rheumatism. Some people in our life are especially afraid of cold and being blown by the wind. They can't eat cold food or drink cold drinks. People like the above are particularly vulnerable to rheumatism. After suffering from rheumatism, their physical deficiency is even more serious. In this way, a vicious circle will often form.

The third reason: being blown by the wind, drenched in the rain, sitting for a long time on the wet ground or in a cool place; sleeping in a humid environment can lead to wind cold disease. After fatigue and warm-up exercise, the cold air invades the body and forms various kinds of pain. After sweating, the skin pores open to get cold, which makes the cold air enter, hinders the movement of Qi and blood and causes pain symptoms.

matters needing attention

For rheumatism must be found early, early treatment, and choose the right way of treatment, so as not to aggravate the disease. The treatment of rheumatism is always at the time when rheumatism has just occurred. That is the best time to treat the disease.