How to treat early vitiligo

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I have the situation of vitiligo almost half a year, although my situation after treatment to, although no further development of serious, but there is no good treatment, I have been in a bad mood, then, how to treat vitiligo early ah? You know what? Today, let me share with you how to treat early vitiligo.

How to treat early vitiligo

Treatment 1: the key to the treatment of vitiligo is to find out the cause of disease, symptomatic treatment, detection of melanin deficiency incentives, according to the patient's condition, classification, typing, staging, the development of appropriate diagnosis and treatment plan, eventually make the leukoplakia local and systemic harmful factors down, restore normal skin color, the condition has been long-term remission.

Treatment 2: patients choose regular hospital for examination and treatment, find out the cause of the disease, timely treatment, timely control the spread of the disease, in addition, vitiligo patients can eat less spicy food and food rich in vitamin C, more exercise, enhance the body immunity, is good for the recovery of patients with leukoplakia.

Treatment 3: Patients with vitiligo can eat more fresh vegetables, radish, eggplant, fungus, etc. In addition, it is also very important to strengthen the daily protection, to eat less or not to eat foods rich in vitamin C, Spicy Seafood, etc. this disease is a refractory disease, we must start with the cause of the disease.

matters needing attention

Do a good job in labor protection, reduce direct contact with chemical raw materials, paint, heavy metal salts harmful substances. Reduce the inhalation of harmful gases, and choose a place with fresh air for morning exercise or exercise.