How is hernia formed

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Nowadays, many people are very impatient. They speak and work very fast. We can fully understand that they speak and work very fast. But we can't work hard for the sake of being quick. This will affect our health. We don't recommend doing this. It's like a neighbor of our family carrying a board. It's obviously a two-day job, and we have to finish it in one day, Results due to excessive force, I felt a bag in my lower abdomen, and it was very painful. When I went to the hospital for examination, the doctor said it was a hernia.

How is hernia formed

Hernia is due to sudden excessive force, so that the mucous membrane inside the skin of the lower abdomen stretched, other organs string position, moved to the mucous membrane stretched place, which makes the mucous membrane bad this place bulge up a bag, this disease is defined as hernia by medicine.

At the beginning of hernia, people can't immediately detect it. At the beginning, people just feel some pain in their lower abdomen and don't think it's hernia. Especially women may think it's gynecological disease. But when they see a bulge in their lower abdomen, they almost know it's hernia.

If the hernia is not serious, we can buy a hernia bag to stop it from moving down. If the hernia is serious, we suggest going to the hospital for surgery.

matters needing attention

In the process of hernia, we must pay more attention. We must not work hard in the transition. This may accelerate the deterioration of hernia and eventually lead to unexpected results. Try not to do physical work at home or in the unit.