Does haemorrhoids ache when they attack

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There are many people in the toilet to take the wrong toilet posture, in addition to defecation process and especially like to play mobile phones and read magazines and other bad habits, temporary so will lead to human attack hemorrhoids disease, hemorrhoids disease once attack is very difficult to cure, unless it is to choose the right treatment and reasonable diet, in order to achieve the effect of complete cure of hemorrhoids disease. So, when the human body attacks hemorrhoids, what phenomena will appear?

Does haemorrhoids ache when they attack

1. Bleeding during defecation. Hemorrhoids attack when the hematochezia, generally painless and intermittent, most of the situation is in the defecation at the time of outflow of a lot of blood, of course, some patients will find that after defecation, blood from the anus position down flow, may be used to wipe the toilet paper is all blood.   

2. Pain in defecation. Hemorrhoids disease in addition to the symptoms of blood in the stool, but also after defecation pain phenomenon, under normal conditions, patients will appear in the stool perianal pain and tear phenomenon. We should know that the nervous system around the human anus is particularly prosperous and extremely sensitive. After receiving certain comfort, it is very easy to have pain. The general phenomenon of hemorrhoids is pain, stabbing pain and swelling pain after defecation. The attack of hemorrhoids has seriously harmed the normal life of patients.  

3. Rectal pain. Once the occurrence of rectal pain proved that this is the main symptom of external hemorrhoids, if the patient presents the phenomenon of internal hemorrhoids, and there is no inflammation, then there will be no pain at all, once the nervous system around the anus is destroyed, it will reduce the pain, patients with mild condition will have fullness, falling feeling and pain, serious will present uncontrollable It's a pain.

matters needing attention

To avoid sedentary, long standing, overwork, appropriate sports activities are necessary, such as workshop exercises, swimming or gymnastics, in addition to the whole body exercise, also need to pay attention to local functional exercise, often do anal movement, that is, anal autonomic rhythmic contraction and relaxation activities, 1 ~ 2 times a day, 30 ~ 50 times each time.