How does not grow blain on the face

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I am 16 years old, and now I am in high school. I used to have good skin. I started to have a lot of acne on my face in the first half of the year, but now I haven't cured it. In order to prevent this situation, I'd like to introduce how to prevent acne on my face.

How does not grow blain on the face

Method 1: want to remove the acne on the face, you can use some external medicine. Erythromycin ointment is a kind of ointment which is more common to wipe skin diseases. In fact, it is also very effective for the treatment of those acne. For example, those open acne are more effective. The drug will contain antibiotics, which can have short-term effect. However, due to its strong property, it can not be used for a long time.

Method 2: if the face of acne is not much, or just grow up a few small acne, then just a simple drop of olive oil can be, before going to bed, after washing the face, in the face with a little olive oil, gently rub, acne will slowly shriveled. Adhere to a few days will see the acne disappeared.

Method 3: aloe gel can also promote the effect of skin regeneration, for example, some people will use it to remove acne, the effect is also very good, every night after washing the face, you can rub a little aloe gel, so that in the long run will feel their skin will be very tender, the effect will be very obvious.

matters needing attention

Do more physical and mental health beneficial exercise, to breathe more fresh air. Eat more fruits and vegetables and less greasy food. Keep in a good mood, guard against arrogance and irritability, and relax, because the more nervous and worried, the more acne will grow.