How does the long bean on the penis swell to return a responsibility

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Many male friends often have questions, what is the situation of small pimples on the genitals? The phenomenon of small pimples on the genitals causes great trouble to male friends. So what is the matter of small pimples on the penis? Let's learn about it.

How does the long bean on the penis swell to return a responsibility

First: genital appearance of small pimples above the phenomenon, first of all can consider the symptoms of foreskin inflammation, but there are several kinds of classification in foreskin inflammation, Candida albicans foreskin inflammation is more common, in the prepuce glans visible erythema, smooth surface and small herpes, the edge is clear, acute attack of erosion and exudation.

Second: the phenomenon of prepuce inflammation can also be divided into trichomonal prepuce inflammation symptoms, trichomonal prepuce inflammation is often manifested as balanitis from the papule above the phenomenon, balanitis from the papule and erythema gradually expanded, clear edge, erythema can be seen on the needle size of small blisters, and finally form erosive surface.

Third: prepuce balanitis can also be the symptoms of acute superficial prepuce inflammation, we can see the phenomenon of local flush, genital above the red, itchy phenomenon,. Open prepuce visible hyperemia erosion, exudate and even bleeding. After secondary infection, small ulcers and milky white odor secretions can be seen.

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Prepuce balanitis symptoms can also be divided into, ring ulcerative prepuce inflammation symptoms, ring ulcerative prepuce salt, we can often see in the glans prepuce visible erythema, gradually expand into a ring, the formation of ulcer surface.