How does double eyelid operation nurse

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In life, many girls have single eyelids. Some people envy women with double eyelids and want to be big eyed girls with double eyelids. Therefore, they will choose double eyelid surgery. Now more and more people have such operations, but not everyone has a clear understanding of how to care after the operation. Now let's popularize it.

How does double eyelid operation nurse

First: after double eyelid surgery, cover the wound with clean gauze. The gauze should be removed the next day to strengthen the movement of eye muscles.

Second: after double eyelid surgery, try to avoid using some cosmetics and skin care products containing heavy metals, so as to prevent scar hyperplasia of the surgical site.

Third: after double eyelid surgery, when the wound is completely healed, moisturize and soften the eyes. In this way, the feeling of tight eyelids will be reduced accordingly.

matters needing attention

Supplement vitamin a properly, eat more cod liver oil, eggs, such as carrots, sweet potatoes, mangoes, peppers and persimmons, and eat more plantain, Fangfeng, perilla, Huoxiang, medlar and other traditional Chinese medicine food.