What's the reason for farting while having sex

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Have any men found that when they have sex with their girlfriends, women will have a pudendal sound, which is really embarrassing, like the sound of farting. Some people say it's insidious. What's the reason for farting while having sex?

What's the reason for farting while having sex

Reason 1: the appearance of Yin blowing brings a lot of embarrassment to women's sex life. In fact, there are many reasons for women's appearance. Generally speaking, it is because women's vagina is loose that air enters the vagina when they have sex.

Reason 2: if there is always Yin blowing during sex, then both husband and wife will lose interest. Therefore, it is suggested that women can do anus closing when they have nothing to do, so that they can exercise their vaginal muscles.

The third reason: women can buy some Luna balls, which can avoid the occurrence of vaginal blowing, because if women's vagina can always be contracted, then the muscles in the inner wall of the vagina can be well exercised, and women's sexual function will also be improved.

matters needing attention

In order to improve the quality of sexual life, it is suggested that women pay attention to the phenomenon of vaginal relaxation