Can herpes zoster be cured

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Herpes zoster is a very common disease, we often see such patients in our daily life, it is a very harmful disease to the human body, and there is a certain infectious, will seriously affect the daily life of patients, therefore, once found suffering from herpes zoster must be treated in time. In addition, patients should also pay attention to effective treatment. So, in life, we should pay attention to it, the following specific about herpes zoster can be cured.

Can herpes zoster be cured

First: general treatment. The blister wall should be kept intact, clean and dry, washed with normal saline 2-3 times a day, and sucked dry with sterile gauze. If the blister wall has been damaged, apply antibiotic ointment or cream, and use sensitive antibiotics for secondary infection.

Second: when the local pain is obvious, 2% - 5% lidocaine ointment can be used. Keep a regular life and avoid tiredness, staying up late and drinking. Systemic antiviral therapy: antiviral therapy is the main method for the treatment of herpes.

Third: the commonly used and effective drugs in clinic are acyclovir, valaciclovir, famciclovir and so on. For acyclovir resistant virus, foscarnet sodium and ribavirin can be selected, which has certain therapeutic effect.

matters needing attention

We suggest that you pay attention to: such as tobacco and wine, strong tea, coffee, cocoa, etc. Because tobacco and wine are hot, they are good at running through the skin, generating heat and consuming blood, making blood heat worse; at the same time, they can stimulate the cerebral cortex and produce a high degree of happiness, thus aggravating the disease. Such as ginseng, pilose antler, Angelica sinensis, Cistanche deserticola, etc. Because these foods warm and invigorate Yang can help heat generate wind and make blood dry even worse, which makes the disease difficult to heal.