What reason is midnight cough blood

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Because many people usually do not pay attention to their health, suddenly one day found that they were sick, and it is a more serious hemoptysis disease, but what are the causes of hemoptysis. Cough out of the blood color is generally bright, and with liquid, when the patient cough bleeding, let the patient find a most comfortable position, lying or lying, but the face to side, in order to prevent cough blood inhalation respiratory tract, cause suffocation. Keep the blood coughed up and send it to the hospital for examination. Through coughing, coughing up blood clots in the respiratory tract can make the patient more comfortable. So what diseases are causing hemoptysis? Let's have a look.

What reason is midnight cough blood

First: the lung, because it is very close to the heart, so lung infection is a common cause of hemoptysis. Acute bronchitis often has cough first and thick sputum, and then the sputum will be bloody. Chronic is better than acute, but cough and bleeding will be more serious than acute.

Second: Hemoptysis may also be caused by bronchiectasis. Bronchiectasis is caused by the destruction of the muscle and elastic tissue of the bronchial wall by the bronchi and the surrounding lung tissue, which leads to the change and expansion of the bronchi. Typical symptoms are chronic cough and expectoration.

Third: after the appearance of hemoptysis symptoms, we should not only treat the bleeding in time, but also actively look for the cause of hemoptysis, go to the hospital for examination, and treat the diseases causing hemoptysis. When we just learned that we coughed blood, we can use Yunnan Baiyao to stop bleeding. Yunnan Baiyao has the effect of removing blood stasis and hemostasis, can promote blood aggregation function, strengthen hemostasis, so it has a good effect for the treatment of hemoptysis.

matters needing attention

When you suddenly find your condition of hemoptysis, don't be too alarmed. First stop bleeding with Yunnan Baiyao, and then go to the hospital to see a doctor. Go to the hospital to see a doctor after you know your condition.