What symptom is climacteric fatigue

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Climacteric syndrome is a kind of stubborn disease, which is difficult to cure in the treatment and will recur repeatedly. Many people will experience menopause, which is a necessary stage of life. Women, in particular, tend to change their temperament when they go through this stage. What symptom is climacteric fatigue? Let me talk about it.

What symptom is climacteric fatigue

First: the most obvious symptom of menopause is the change of nervous system. During menopause, people often feel restless, irritable, easily angry, and love to cry and fatigue.

Second: there is also a performance is in menopause, often inexplicably feel particularly hot, flustered, sweating. This is called hot flashes in medicine. The main reason is the decrease of estrogen secretion.

Third: palpitation is a stage that menopause must go through. Many climacteric people will feel their heart beating constantly because of a slight stimulation from the outside world. When they go to the hospital for ECG, they often can't find out any problems.

matters needing attention

Usually to avoid excessive fatigue, more to ensure adequate sleep. Keep a good mood and avoid being too nervous and depressed. But also to strengthen physical exercise, enhance the body's resistance.