What reason is muscle enzyme high

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We should pay more attention in our daily life, especially our friends with high muscle enzyme. Creatine kinase mainly exists in bones, myocardium, brain tissue and smooth muscle. But more attention to their own body, not to check, and eventually developed into a more serious disease. The normal reference value of creatine kinase varies with gender, age, race and physiological status. And a lot of people will have the phenomenon of high creatine kinase, we are here to share with you the reasons for high creatine kinase.

What reason is muscle enzyme high

First: because the heart contains a large amount of creatine kinase, people with myocarditis also have a high level of creatine kinase.

Second: malnutrition, in which people with pseudohypertrophic muscular dystrophy are most likely to have a high creatine kinase; a large number of sports, such as distance cycling, skiing and marathon running, can lead to a high creatine kinase.

Third: hepatitis B patients with high creatine kinase may be caused by other complications caused by viral hepatitis, so hepatitis B patients with high creatine kinase phenomenon needs attention.

matters needing attention

When you find that your creatine kinase is on the high side, you must go to the regular hospital for scientific examination at the first time, and analyze whether you need treatment and how to treat according to the etiology. Do not use drugs selfishly, which will aggravate the patient's condition.