What reason is sneezing fever?

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Sneezing is often the precursor of fever, these two days is inexplicable, always a strong sneezing, and a little runny nose, but there is no fever phenomenon, but the nose is a little itchy, the family said it is a sign of a cold, may also be to get rhinitis, let me drink more water, this may cure the sneezing problem. So in our daily life, sneezing is the most common symptom. Most people think it is caused by a cold and fever. In fact, it is not. Sometimes it may be the precursor of some chronic nasal diseases: rhinitis, sinusitis, nasal polyps and so on

What reason is sneezing fever?

Always sneezing is almost allergic rhinitis, rhinitis refers to inflammation of nasal mucosa, manifested as congestion or edema, patients often have nasal congestion, runny nose, nasal itching, throat discomfort, cough and other symptoms. Nasal secretion of thin liquid like substances known as nasal discharge or nasal secretions, its role is to help remove dust, bacteria to maintain lung health.

Fever is a common physical reaction, also known as fever. As long as it is not a high fever, it usually does harm to the body, because when the human body has a fever, it is actually the process of the body's immunity fighting against the virus in the body. There are many reasons leading to fever, such as drug abuse, cold, heat stroke, As well as the stimulation of the external environment to the body, there will be fever, but it should be noted that if the fever is particularly serious, it will affect health.

We must pay attention to the prevention of colds. In the season of influenza, colds often lead to recurrent rhinitis. If we find that there is an external reaction, we should treat it as soon as possible, or if the cold has not improved after a week, we should go to the hospital for examination and treatment in time. Put an end to the habit of digging nose by hand. Blow your nose one by one at ordinary times. Don't blow too hard. Keep the temperature of indoor air or use an air filter. Don't let your nose dry.

matters needing attention

Usually should pay attention to drink more water, this is also conducive to urination. Help to recover the cold, usually also can eat some fresh vegetables and fruits. You can't smoke or drink, and you can't eat spicy food. We must pay attention to more rest, which is conducive to the recovery of cold.