What are the obvious symptoms of back psoriasis

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Now our life is getting better and better, but the source of pollution is also very much, so that some of our friends are suffering from psoriasis, this disease is very difficult to cure, many of them have been treated for many years are not cured, for this disease is so stubborn, we must do the necessary preventive measures in life, do not suffer from psoriasis torture. For patients with this disease should be treated as soon as possible, I will tell you about the obvious symptoms of back psoriasis.

What are the obvious symptoms of back psoriasis

Symptom 1: psoriasis skin damage disease is generally inflammatory red papules, millet to mung bean large, then gradually expanded or fused into brown red plaque, clear boundary, around the inflammatory red halo, obvious basal infiltration, surface covered with multi-layer dry silver white scales.

Symptom 2: psoriasis in the onset of most of the needle and lentil size red papules, and then will gradually increase to coins or larger reddish infiltrating spots, the patient's realm is also very clear, the patient also has multiple layers of silvery white scales. Button off the scales and you'll see red bleeding spots.

Symptom 3: female psoriasis symptoms, estrogen with the continuous maturity of follicle development and secretion also increased. In the ovary before ovulation, its secretion can reach the highest. After ovulation, the secretion decreased, but it increased again seven to eight days after ovulation, but it was not as obvious as the first time. Then, before menstruation, it quickly drops to the lowest level.

matters needing attention

Many times, the treatment of cow dander patients with this disease must have a certain patience, its treatment process is very long, in a short period of time, patients do not rush to see good results, only adhere to it, the effect of treatment will be more obvious.