Why not eat to gain weight

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Girls want to be slim, and I'm no exception. So according to my friend's weight loss experience, I decided not to eat to lose weight, but the incredible thing happened, my weight actually increased without eating. Now let's talk about why we don't eat and gain weight.

Why not eat to gain weight

First: because do not eat dinner is no weight loss effect, but also lead to obesity. Some studies have shown that dieters who reduce the number of meals per day tend to eat more food calories, which leads to the accumulation of excess calories into fat and weight gain.

Second: weight control needs to be based on aerobic exercise, supplemented by proper diet control. If you don't exercise and don't eat dinner for a few days, your body will mistakenly think that you are in a more dangerous situation, which will improve the absorption rate, resulting in the more hungry and fatter. So it's better to control the amount of food a little. Take 40 minutes of aerobic exercise every day, such as fast walking or jogging. You'll be slim soon.

Third: you may feel happy about losing weight, but it won't last long. Because a strong sense of hunger and appetite will gradually exceed the confidence to lose weight. At that time, if you start your previous eating habits again, or celebrate the success of losing weight, your weight will recover quickly, even exceed your original weight, leading to more obesity.

matters needing attention

There are many ways to lose weight, now women in order to lose weight often take weight-loss drugs and fasting behavior, these behaviors will really have an impact on the girl's body, if we want to lose weight, we can use healthy ways, such as: do exercise, insist on eating less and eating more food and so on.