What are the symptoms of girls after sex

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Many women in their pregnancy do not know, did not pay attention to, leading to abortion, want to pregnant women should pay attention to, do not want to pregnant women should also pay attention to, to prevent the best period of abortion, what are the symptoms of early pregnancy?

What are the symptoms of girls after sex

First: the simplest way to judge whether you are pregnant is to stop your menstruation. If your menstruation is normal all the time, you may be pregnant if you don't come two weeks after having sex.

Second: the breast will have tingling, swelling and itching feeling, there will be areola color darkening, the veins around the breast will be more obvious, the nipple will be prominent.

Third: early pregnancy, most people will feel sick, want to vomit, but can not vomit anything, some people this phenomenon is relatively mild.

matters needing attention

During pregnancy to drink water, less carbonated drinks, away from radiation, eat more fresh food, medication should pay attention to.