What does the symptom that human body lacks vitamin E have

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The normal movement of human body function is inseparable from all kinds of nutrient elements. If any nutrient element is lacking, it will cause more or less damage to the human body. My friend is a director of Pediatrics, so every day many parents go to the hospital to see a doctor, not all of them are seriously ill. Most of the time, they ask their children whether they lack anything, how their resistance is so low, whether they are underdeveloped, and so on. In particular, we can see how important it is to maintain a balanced nutrition. So what are the symptoms of vitamin E deficiency? Here is a brief introduction.

What does the symptom that human body lacks vitamin E have

Vitamin E, this term, we have heard, in daily life, many foods can play the role of vitamin E supplement, therefore, many people think it will not be lack, in fact, as long as it is more picky people, there may be vitamin E deficiency, if the long-term lack, it will bring great harm to the body.

Pregnant women, as we all know, pay special attention to nutrition, among which vitamin E is a very important nutrient. If there is a lack of vitamin E, it may lead to the birth of a new baby, the body is thin, and the serious cases may also affect all aspects of the child's future development, such as looking up, sitting, climbing, walking, and so on, with the children of the same age slow.

Children's anemia is estimated to be known by parents. Some parents are very puzzled. How can children be anemic? If the fetus lacks vitamin E, it is the cause of congenital anemia in the morning, which accounts for a large proportion. This time, the fetus can not quickly replenish the damaged red blood cells, thus forming congenital anemia.

matters needing attention

Although vitamin E sounds unimportant, it is indeed an essential nutrient for the human body. In addition to the above symptoms, it may also cause prostatic hypertrophy, liver and kidney function damage, premature aging, and muscle weakness in severe cases, which needs special attention. Therefore, we must have a balanced diet.