The effective operation method of leprosy

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After the old watch suffered from leprosy, his family was very worried about him. When he got sick, it was always frightening. We all saw the suffering of the disease. Now the hospital decided to give him surgery. Let's tell you what are the effective surgical plans for leprosy!

The effective operation method of leprosy

Method 1: modern medical examination can clearly find the focus of leprosy (secondary leprosy), surgical resection of the focus of leprosy is the first choice. The common focus of secondary leprosy includes brain tumor, gyric cleft deformity, post-traumatic softening focus, parasites, granuloma and so on. Many patients are effective after operation.

Method 2: however, if the focus of leprosy is located in the motor or language areas of the brain, the resection of the focus will lead to serious dysfunction, the operation also has certain risks, and it is likely to have other complications and sequelae.

Method 3: in fact, drugs can also treat leprosy. After regular drug treatment, patients with poor effect of primary leprosy have frequent attacks, which have a serious impact on their daily work and life. Therefore, appropriate surgical treatment can be considered.

matters needing attention

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