What should the patient of often insomnia notice

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Insomnia should be a more serious problem for the majority of patients now, because the development of society is very rapid, and we are facing a relatively large competitive pressure. Many friends work hard in the daytime and even work overtime at night, so there is a lot of pressure every day. It's very common that they can't sleep at night, but insomnia is very important Our normal work and life, but also affect the family's life, so the following to share with you often insomnia patients should pay attention to what.

What should the patient of often insomnia notice

First of all, we should create a good sleep environment for ourselves. The air in our room must circulate. A room full of smoke and miasma all day long will affect our sleep. There is also the temperature, which can be adjusted. Air conditioning is OK. A good sleep environment will help us sleep.

Second: there is also a good way to help sleep by drinking a glass of milk before going to bed. Milk nutrition is very rich. We all know that drinking a glass of milk in the morning can supplement nutrition and keep our spirits throughout the day. Drinking milk at night can also help us sleep, which is conducive to our deeper and deeper sleep.

Third: we need to develop a good sleep habit. For example, it's easy to lose sleep if we often stay up late. If we often go to bed at one or two o'clock in the night, it will form a biological clock. So we need to develop a good sleep habit and go to bed earlier every day.

matters needing attention

Before going to bed to listen to some light music can also alleviate our insomnia symptoms, do not melody too intense.