What is the cause of juvenile halitosis?

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Halitosis is a symptom of foul breath. Some oral diseases, such as oral ulcer, dental caries and digestive system diseases, can cause bad breath. So what is the cause of juvenile halitosis? Let's talk about it

What is the cause of juvenile halitosis?

The most direct causes of halitosis are unclean mouth, plaque, calculus and tartar accumulation. Eating onion, garlic, salty and fishy food, long-term smoking and drinking, suffering from periodontitis, not paying attention to oral hygiene, chronic sinusitis, lung disease, diabetes, cancer and other factors can produce different strong halitosis.

The root cause of halitosis is that the body's immunity is reduced, resulting in visceral dysfunction, and it is difficult to balance and inhibit the pathogenic microorganisms that can produce malodorous compounds. When a large number of pathogenic microorganisms reach a certain amount of polymerization, they will produce high concentrations of malodorous compounds when they absorb and decompose nutrients in the human body, The gas will enter the blood and be transported to the lungs and stomach by the blood intact. It will be discharged from the body through the mouth and nose.

Too much psychological pressure will affect the nervous system and saliva secretion habits. People usually secrete about 1.5 liters of saliva every day, but when the psychological pressure is too high, the natural "mouthwash" is obviously insufficient, and the dry mouth will become dirty, so the peculiar smell will be produced soon. According to Ling Kangtong, a member of the Executive Committee of the Asian family Association and an emotional management consultant specially employed by the Hong Kong government, people who are often angry are prone to bad breath.

matters needing attention

People with halitosis in life should not eat some stimulating food, and pay attention to often clean the mouth, but also actively participate in physical exercise, do not stay up late, to maintain a good sleep habit, but also often drink water.