What symptom is flea bit

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I don't know what's wrong recently. I always feel itchy all over my body, and I feel itchy everywhere. It's ok if I don't know what's wrong. I thought it was bitten by mosquitoes at first, but I ruled it out later. My family said it should be bitten by fleas, because I have a pet at home, and fleas can understand, But I usually have to give it a bath on time. Let's take a look at the following.

What symptom is flea bit

First: in fact, we all think that as long as the hands or feet where itching, red and swollen places are mosquito bites, which is wrong in itself, because other insect bites will also use this kind of symptoms, and many people because it is mosquito bites, so generally do not care, in fact, no matter what bite, it is best to cure it quickly.

Second: in fact, although fleas are very small, most people won't pay much attention to them, but they are very poisonous. After being bitten by fleas, they will get red envelopes. Moreover, the place where fleas want is actually the middle of the red envelope, which will turn yellow slowly, then become inflamed slowly, and finally even purulent.

Third: Although fleas are small, they are really annoying because they don't bite by themselves. They bite in groups. Because of their strong reproductive capacity, they all bite together, and it's difficult for us to find them. So if there is a large area of redness and swelling, we can consider whether it was bitten by fleas. Of course, this is not sure. It's better to go to the hospital for examination.

matters needing attention

People who have pets at home should pay special attention to hygiene, especially fleas, because fleas like to parasitize their pets' hair most, so they should pay more attention to cleaning their pets. In addition, they can expel insects or shave their hair as regularly as possible, which also plays a role in preventing fleas.