How to treat again have haemorrhoid to have acuteness wet wart again

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As the saying goes, 19 hemorrhoids, eat hold dead, now many people grow, hemorrhoids is because some people go to the toilet for a long time, or constipation when hard earned, will lead to hemorrhoids appear, hemorrhoids also have serious and more serious, some hemorrhoids is just a ball of meat, stool will follow out, if the fire on the toilet, hemorrhoids will have bleeding phenomenon, there are also some problems Hemorrhoids and condyloma acuminatum how to treat it, next I give you talk about.

How to treat again have haemorrhoid to have acuteness wet wart again

First: Hemorrhoids Pain is very uncomfortable, itchy and painful, want to grasp, but can't grasp, grasp will be infected, will make hemorrhoids more serious, some women because of the birth of children caused by hemorrhoids, because too hard when giving birth to children, will let the meat inside that is hemorrhoids come out, so almost a lot of people have hemorrhoids problem, there are many people are suffering from hemorrhoids It's a problem

Second: I heard that hemorrhoids can be operated before. Some of us have gone to remove hemorrhoids. I don't know if the follow-up problems are well maintained. They grow up again in less than a year. In his own words, hemorrhoids can't be cured at all. We can only use drugs to make them less serious. But I have a cousin who said that the hemorrhoids did not grow up again after the operation. Maybe that's the end of the story Is it a medical problem

Third: there are hemorrhoids and condyloma acuminatum, we can only cure condyloma acuminatum first, and then treat hemorrhoids, condyloma acuminatum can use Chinese medicine conditioning, let it slowly disappear, cured condyloma acuminatum, and then laser surgery to stimulate hemorrhoids, in this process, we should also take oral antibiotics and pay attention to postoperative maintenance, only the combination of Chinese and Western medicine can be better effective for hemorrhoids and condyloma acuminatum Safe treatment

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