How is giddy heavy to return a responsibility?

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My friend gets up in the morning with headache and heavy head. He has the habit of sleeping without pillows. He used to feel good. During this period of time, he often gets up in the morning with pain in the left lower side behind his head, which leads to his poor condition all the time. His head is heavy, like wearing a big hat and facing the computer at work. My friend suspects that his dizziness may be caused by cold, cervical spondylosis, anemia, Meniere's syndrome and arrhythmia, Poor rest time and quality may lead to headache and heavy head, so we need to go to the hospital for examination or ask the doctor to take a look. Let's take a look at the following.

How is giddy heavy to return a responsibility?

First, patients should understand that cerebral ischemia and hypoxia can be caused by insufficient blood supply to the brain, which will cause extensive diffuse lesions in the brain parenchyma, and the integration function of the brain will be significantly damaged. Patients may have headache, vertigo, tinnitus, numbness, insomnia, dreaminess, memory loss and other symptoms. Some will show a sudden change in character, which is different from normal life.

Second: patients should know that only heavy head, dizziness, headache, in addition to these symptoms, there is also bad sleep, such as dreaminess, short sleep time, easy to wake up at night, etc., then your headache, heavy head, is related to your sleep, usually more physical exercise, regular life, rest on time, do not stay up late, Blood pressure is normal

Third: patients should understand that dizziness is a common functional disorder of the brain, and it is also a common disease. Patients have the feeling of dizziness, distension, heaviness, brain shaking, dizziness, etc. Dizziness can be caused by a variety of reasons, the most common in febrile diseases, hypertension, cerebral arteriosclerosis, craniocerebral trauma syndrome, neurosis and so on.

matters needing attention

Patients should pay attention to maintain the correct work or life posture at ordinary times, and avoid keeping a posture for too long. It is not good for sleeping. The pillow is too high. Don't lie in bed watching TV and playing cards for a long time. Don't bow your head. There are many reasons for dizziness after working too long. It is easy to cause dizziness due to poor rest and mental tension.